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TBB Talks to ... Filmmaker Adrian Scott about Time & Technology
Episode 7326th November 2020 • TBB Talks • The British Blacklist
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Time & Technology Series Short Films is an exploration of relationships between humans and technology and who suffers most. Dreamed up by filmmaker Adrian Scott.

Adrian is a scriptwriter/producer/director and co-owner of indie production company Mellow9 Productions. He's written 4 shorts, two of which he produced. He was also one of the writers of the feature film Victim (2011). Under Mellow 9 he directed the critically acclaimed documentary Trial By Fire: The Terry Dunnage Story.

More recently Adrian has set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise finances for Time & Technology which features short films RelaSinkShip, Phone Play, and Black Knives Matters on which he worked with award-winning filmmakers Ethosheia Hylton and Shantelle Rochester.

We caught up with Adrian to get more info on the Time & Techology series, his journey as a filmmaker and why it was important to work with black women on this latest project ...

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