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271: Adam Lippin – Tap into being heard with As A Gay Man
Episode 2715th April 2024 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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Feeling a heard is one of the most critical mental health pills we can pop as humans. Yet, a growing number of people in society have no one to listen to them - especially gay men. Helping fill the void of loneliness and not being heard, Adam Lippin, founder of provides a solution for the world and especially gay men to have a listening ear and to be heard.

About Adam

Adam Lippin serves as founder and CEO of HearMe where he is transforming the way we approach mental wellness globally to make it more accessible, affordable, and immediate for everyone. Adam is a visionary entrepreneur who has a proven track record of success in the business world. He has previously founded two highly successful ventures, each with their own unique concept and offering. Adam founded Atomic Wings in 1989, a buffalo chicken wings chain that quickly became a popular destination for chicken wing enthusiasts across New York City. With Adam at the helm, the business expanded into a successful chain before transitioning into a franchising company. Adam successfully exited the still-growing and thriving business in 2019. Building on that success, Adam founded Cuddlist, an international cuddling service, with co-founder and consent expert Madelon Guinazzo which has grown to (need numbers here). With his extensive experience in entrepreneurship and a passion for helping people, Adam turned his attention to the mental health space and founded HearMe. Under Adam's leadership, the company has developed innovative and evidence-based solutions to the current mental wellness landscape and continues to improve the well-being of people around the world.

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