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VR Treadmills for everyone! Onward controversy? Ep. 13
Episode 137th August 2020 • Full Dive Gaming: a Virtual Reality Podcast in VR • Full Dive Gaming
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Welcome to the Full Dive Gaming podcast, bringing a weekly dive of all the news, discussion, and condensed nerd talk you need for VR gaming every Friday.  

This week’s podcast was made in partnership with Asterion Products.  Get 5% off the Aura headset or any other order $19.99 or more with the code FULLDIVE at  

With Destiny gone again this week, we have a wonderful new guest, Jordan aka Nexeon, a competitive VR gamer! Check out his team on Instagram at @OKayestVRteam, and check out the VR gaming opportunities using VR treadmills at or find the nearest Omniverse location to you at

We begin the week’s podcast with some excellent Q&A questions from the Discord community before starting the news: Onward adds Quest support but does so at a great expense to PC players, Valve maintains its VR userbase post HL: Alyx release, VTOL VR comes out of early access, and Sony announces PS4 peripherals will work with the PS5.

We then hop into the gaming section with Jay, Rip, and Adam finally playing Rec Room together, Jordan talks about the VR games he plays through Omniverse and their VR treadmills, and Adam and Rip discuss their new favorite VR game, Battlegroup VR.  Lastly, we talk with Jordan about just how great VR is when combined with a VR treadmill.

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