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Farmer's Inside Track - Food For Mzansi EPISODE 13, 11th February 2020
Robert Patson tasted happiness through ethical chicken farming
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Robert Patson tasted happiness through ethical chicken farming

Robert Patson, who farms in Kyalami in Johustleburg, is an ethical farming warrior of note. His Happy Land farm is known for its farming practices that are not only good for the surrounding community, but also environmentally sound. And best of all: his chickens are happy too! In this week’s Farmer’s Inside Track podcast he talks to Food For Mzansi's Dawn Noemdoe and Ivor Price about a life-changing experience in Afghanistan that led him to agriculture.

Farmer’s Inside Track is a platform for South Africa’s up-and-coming farmers and new entrants into agri-businesses who need information and inspiration to help them start up and get up to sprinting speed as commercial producers and/or agri-processors. The men and women who have resolved to one day getting to the place where the large-scale commercial farmers are, but not really finding useful information on how to get there.


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