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The Secrets Behind The Practice of Breathwork to Manage Stress, Control Anxiety and Prevent Disease with Jasmine Marie
Episode 179th February 2021 • Anti-Aging Uncensored • Jill Gilbert
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After last year's events, it’s safe to say we’re all carrying a fair amount of energetic gunk and congestion. Because of the significant changes we’ve gone through, mental stress and emotional trauma are rampant, and we need a way to collectively heal at a deeper level. 

This is where breathwork comes in. This tool helps to heal the stress and trauma trapped in our body, and helps us find our center in difficult times. 

We have to train ourselves to understand what we’re experiencing with compassion so we can move through stress in a healthier way. That process starts with us turning our attention inward and releasing the grief, stress and anxiety we’re holding in. 

I’m joined today by an entrepreneur who is changing lives through breathwork, serving communities, and helping women overcome chronic stress. She has built a platform aimed to help black women prioritize their mental health. 

What are some of the ways the mental stress of the last year is showing up? How do we learn to deal with difficult feelings and situations with self-compassion? 

In this episode, founder of Black Girls Breathing and House of BGB, Jasmine Marie shares why breathwork is so important to our mental health. 

Guest Bio 

Jasmine Marie is a trained breath worker, mindfulness practitioner and the founder of Black Girls Breathing and House of BGB. She has brought her extraordinary work to Fortune 100 companies and prestigious colleges such as Harvard Business School, Columbia University, Cornell, UCLA, among others. Her powerful work has been featured in high-profile media outlets such as Vogue, NYLON MAG, Glamour, Marie Claire, Goop, Well and Good, Black Enterprise, MindBodyGreen and so many others.

Jasmine is doing groundbreaking work in utilizing your breath to manage and improve your mental health. House of BGB is the newly launched research and creative agency dedicated to helping brands reach underserved minority communities by gathering real-time statistically significant data and insights on black women’s thoughts and behaviors. 

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