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How Do You Do What You Really Don’t Want To Do?
Episode 15528th February 2018 • The Daily Podcast with Jonathan Doyle • Jonathan Doyle
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If there were a way to wave a magic wand and make one of the single biggest issues we face simply go away then it would have to be the challenge we all face in getting ourselves to do the things we just don’t want to do. Every one of us faces issues or challenges that can make it so hard to just push through and do what we need to do. Why do some people find it seemingly easy to go out for that run, cook that healthy meal or finish that project when the rest of humanity seems committed to eating the next tub of ice cream or watching another load of online videos? The first major breakthrough in beginning to do what you really don’t want to do is simply to begin getting a clear sense of what it actually is. Most people have some kind of vague sense of something they think they want to achieve or something they should be doing. They never seem to give themself the gift of the time required to actually slow down and make this ‘vague idea something more ‘concrete’. Every day of my life begins with some time set [...]

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