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Step-By-Step GUIDE On HOW TO Work Your Investment Property - Episode 81 w/ Brian Grimes
Episode 812nd February 2023 • The Headley Group Real Estate Show • The Headley Group Real Estate Show
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While sitting down with Brian Grimes (@briangrimes_247cfu) from New York!📍⁠💥⁠ I was able to learn more about his journey and how he established the 24/7 CashFlow University 💸⁠

Tune in to this incredibly informative episode and hear some insider knowledge from an accomplished educator 🧠⁠

⁠Looking to replace your 9-5 with Cash Flow!? This is the Episode! 🤯⁠

This is YOUR chance to hear from an ELITE Real Estate Coach and gain insider knowledge on things like:⁠

✔️Why the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing 🔒️⁠

✔️How to filter PASSIVE team members from the real GO-GETTERS & maximize them💥⁠

✔️Some of the PROS & CONS of a Turn-Key Property 🔑⁠

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