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Ask Me Anything: Lee Answer's Your Questions
Episode 1267th March 2022 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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Lee answers your questions for the entire show! Ten questions with insightful and powerful answers that cover a range of topics.


01:26- Trusting Our Intuition

9:56 - People Pleasing & Authenticity 

16:18 - The Loss of Luminary Leaders

20:33 - Changing Dynamics In Energy Depleting Relationships

26:08 - Creating A Podcast With Intention

31:42 - Potential In Relationships With Acceptance & Love

38:19 - Tracking & Finding Acts Of Purpose

43:41 - Surprises From 10 Years Of The Energy Update 

46:14 - Procrastination - Patterns, Fear, And Understanding The History

51:52 - The Creative Process Of The ‘Life Holds Me’ Music Video

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