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Rejecting Hustle Culture with Caitlin Fisher
Episode 3112th September 2022 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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Caitlin Fisher is an anti-capitalist creativity coach, author, and podcaster, on a mission to help people in the neurodivergent, disabled, and queer communities get in touch with their dreams and break the rules that tell us we have to hustle. Saying no thank you themself to the daily grind, Caitlin shares about navigating the corporate world as a person living with a chronic illness - and their journey leaving corporate and opening their own business that supports their needs - both physically and emotionally. Caitlin also shares about having the courage to leave an abusive marriage, and how they cultivated a deep sense of self trust and confidence. Don’t miss this episode packed full of positive vibes and tips on how you can find your own passion. 

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