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Mark Geragos for Susan McDougal
Episode 24th January 2022 • For the Defense with David Oscar Markus • rakontur
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Mark Geragos, trial lawyer and fellow podcaster, discusses the Susan McDougal trials with host David Oscar Markus.

In the 90's, Ken Starr was pursuing Bill Clinton. And anyone who got in Starr's way became a target. This included Susan McDougal, who refused to testify against Clinton because she believed that Starr was pressuring her to lie. Enter Mark Geragos, who was thrust onto the national stage with back to back trials involving McDougal -- one in state court in Santa Monica and one in federal court in Little Rock, Arkansas. The California case involved allegations of embezzlement from a famous conductor and his wife. But many believed that Starr was using this case as pressure to get McDougal to fold in the federal case. He miscalculated both McDougal and Geragos, who proceeded to trial in both cases, and won. Enjoy the discussion between two real trial lawyers -- Geragos and host David Oscar Markus -- who discuss the enormous risks clients face when taking on the government and their strategic decisions along the way.




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