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Are you TIME Wealthy or TIME Poor?
Episode 2215th December 2021 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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Today we are talking about how to cultivate a new kind of WEALTH. 

The RICHNESS that many seek but few ever tap into. 

I am addressing ONE area of wealth that many people find themselves consistently POOR in. 


Do you have it?

In this episode I unpack...

  • The other 4 areas of wealth we don’t always INVEST in
  • WHERE is your WEALTH Account?
  • Are you overflowing or bankrupt when it comes to time?
  • What happens when you HAVE Time Wealth?
  • How to CHECK IN with your “balance sheet”
  • What energy are we living in when it comes to time?
  • Time “rules” of this physical world vs universal +Divine laws of “time” + “timing”
  • WHAT keeps us stuck in time poverty?
  • HOW do we become time RICH?
  • Following the TIME and TIMING of Divine Order


This assessment will reveal How positioned you are to receive AND Sustain the next level body, relationship or mission in your life and it’s the FIRST step to going deeper into this work.

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