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Breaking the Cycle: Combatting Teen Vaping and Opioid Abuse - Pt 2
Episode 248th February 2023 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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Guest Host: Ross Cavitt


Lori Jouty, Cobb & Douglas Public Health Overdose Response Specialist

Laura Searcy, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Lt. Mike Wilson, Cobb County School District Police Department

Stacey O'Shields, Parent

Jeff Breedlove, Georgia Council for Recovery

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  • [01:01] Fentanyl
  • [03:32] Stacey O'Shields - A Parent's Experience
  • [08:48] Narcan
  • [10:17] How Opioid Deaths Affect Relationships
  • [12:16] Jeff Breedlove - Recovery is Real!
  • [18:18] Final Comments from Each Guest

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