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Metabolic Flexibility With Siim Land
22nd July 2019 • Biohacker's Podcast • Biohacker's Podcast
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Biohacker's Live Show is a webinar series that introduces speakers of the Biohacker Summit, live and in high-quality in a talk show format to your desktop and mobile devices. The human body has evolved in an environment of scarcity and uncertainty. This has created numerous metabolic pathways and adaptations into our physiology that promote high performance and optimal health. In the modern world, people don't experience that same variation and cycling in their life. We eat the same foods, follow similar routines, and do certain activities all the time. This can lead to stagnation, digestive issues, inflammation, and disease. Metabolic flexibility refers to your ability to swap between different fuel sources and be able to metabolize different foods without suffering any negative side-effects. It's a signature of a robust and well-functioning metabolism. In this episode, Siim will talk about the characteristics of metabolic flexibility, intermittent fasting, strategies for building it, and other principles of optimal nutrition and meal timing. Siim Land (EST), often called the prodigy of biohacking, is a human optimization enthusiast who focuses on balancing longevity and health with performance and well-being. He creates content about being stronger and living longer both physically as well as mentally. His popular videos & podcasts on Youtube have already gathered over 6.5 million views. Despite the fact that he is only 24 years old, he has already authored 5 books, including the massive Metabolic Autophagy, that combines science, daily lifestyle and dietary practices that help to cross the chasm between longevity and high performance.



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