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Ep. 168 Creating Calmness In The Chaos, with Tom Cronin
27th August 2021 • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo • Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo
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Tom Cronin is a world renowned coach, meditation teacher, author, speaker and producer of The Portal film.

Through his deeply impactful work he is transforming lives and changing the world one mind at a time.

In this episode we discuss:

- Mindsets, tools and strategies to help you create calmness in your busy life to ensure you can still achieve high levels of success in your work, without the stress and burnout. 

- How to navigate the challenging changes being forced on society at the moment.

- Tom’s career and lifestyle in his early years that led him to earn large amounts money with massively detrimental side effects.

- Why Tom became a meditation teacher and why this tool is so powerful for all of us to implement regularly.

- Why Tom and I are both very optimistic about the future and how you can develop this belief, even when surrounded by the abundance of noise and distractions in the world. 

- What The Portal film is and why it’s designed to stand the test of time.

- And plenty more insights into living optimally and consciously.

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IG: @tomcronin

Facebook: @tomcroninmeditation

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Keep Thriving legends and as always remember, this is your life journey, your life of Impact!