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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 84, 21st April 2020
Marketplace Leadership with Adrian Salisbury
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Marketplace Leadership with Adrian Salisbury

#84: Today, I am interviewing Adrian Salisbury - How to be a leader in the marketplace! We chatted about how he started out as a photographer and switched paths to become a marketing guru which led him on a journey of ups and downs as he navigated building a new business from the ground up and becoming the successful entrepreneur that he is today.


Key Lessons From This Episode: 

  • How to build your community/tribe
  • Why good camera equipment matters
  • Why marketplace leadership  is more than just a title, it's about setting an example for your tribe 
  • How the actions you take create ripple effects
  • Why your sphere of influence is bigger than you think
  • The most important thing to have as you go through the ups and downs of your journey


About Adrian Salisbury

Adrian is the guy who makes professional-looking videos easy! Through his online training, Adrian works with solo entrepreneurs around the world helping them to look and feel their absolute best on camera!

He has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers, followers since his photography days and has 500+ members across 3 successful Academies based around creating videos: Youtube Academy, Ecamm Live Academy, and Pro Video Academy, where his primary focus is to help people be their best and overcome the challenges that they face in each area.

Important Links & Mentions in this episode:

 Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.