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Product Marketing Life - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 7, 3rd April 2020
Product Marketing Life | Sapphire Reels, Pluralsight
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Product Marketing Life | Sapphire Reels, Pluralsight

Right now is not the norm. Tons of product marketers have been thrown into remote working from one day to the next and understandably, lots of people have lots of questions.

We spoke to Sapphire Reels, a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Pluralsight, about how PMMs can adapt to working from home in light of COVID-19.


"People feel this immense sense of pressure to be productive because they are at home and they want to be responsive and doing all these things, because they don't want to portray this image that they're not doing their job. So I would just say don't beat yourself up around that idea, especially in this current environment."