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How to Manage Your Time in the Job Search and Beyond
Episode 2511th October 2021 • Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck • ES-STRATEGIC, LLC
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Even if you weren't happy with your previous role, that doesn't mean we can't get practical about the skills that crossover into the job search. Chances are there were multiple tools, techniques, and strategies you used to manage your time and stay efficient that you can now apply to your search.

Time management requires discipline at the core, but taking some simple steps to schedule your tasks can make a world of difference when looking for a job.

It's not helpful to think of your job search like your full-time job when you didn't like your full-time job. What does work is thinking about the structures, tools, and resources you used to navigate your full-time job, and bring those over into your job search. Whatever you did to manage projects in your previous role, put on that same hat for yourself. - Elissa Shuck, LYWL EP.25

In this episode, you'll discover how to transfer skills from your last role into the job search. I cover how to build discipline around your calendar, what to do if you're looking for a job while having a job and how to apply and implement an entrepreneurial mindset.

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