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DLM Uncut: Leaning into Faith + Knowing When to Scale
Episode 5720th March 2024 • The Diamond Life Mentor • Balazs W Kardos
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There's no such thing as "the one perfect ad."  

Even though a fellow entrepreneur has been bragging about crazy sales with peanuts for ad spend, and it feels like they're winning the game, leaving you stuck with your "meh" ad. 

Fear creeps in because you don't get leads and sales yet, but guess what? You don't have to focus on one ad and treat it as your best buddy. It's just a tool in your marketing toolbox. 

Remember what you've done on that first ad and its performance, but don't let it hold you back. Try new things, and create ads that resonate even deeper with your audience. With more other ads, you can tweak each one and talk directly to a different type of customer, in their own words, about the problems they care about. 

In this episode of Diamond Life Mentor Uncut, Balazs W Kardos digs deep into ads and talks about fear, managing ad spending, return on ad spend (ROAS), front-end sales, cost per acquisition, and commissions with Csilla Deak, one of his students in the mentorship program. 

Balazs tells her that the ad spend isn't a waste. The money she spends finding customers (ad spend) should flow back to her with interest (commissions). It's an investment because she's putting money into finding customers and hopefully getting more in return. 

His advice? Keep A/B testing, set timelines, and diversify using different styles of photos and videos addressing people's problems. And that's how she will reach more people and make more sales, especially in direct response and network marketing.

"The most important number is how many front-end sales to make to get it back in an Enagic sale. Now, typically, this is about 30%. Some people have 50%, 60%, or 70%, which is even better. That means that ads, marketing, branding, and funnel are congruent to what they get when they pay." - Balazs W Kardos

Catch this episode to learn the "shotgun approach" to crush your ad game, test new ads, and skyrocket your sales.

Key Diamond Nuggets In This Episode:

  • How can you face fear when diversifying ads for your audience?
  • Why shift from having fear to gratitude in advertising?
  • How can your front-end commissions cover your ad spend in direct response marketing?
  • Why view your ads as an investment rather than an expense?
  • Why should you focus on the ad spend and the return on the ad spend ROAS)?

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