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Pursuing Your Passion at All Costs with Charlotte Harris, Founder of Athlete Abroad Management
Episode 1114th October 2022 • The Started With A Dream Podcast w/ Jacolby Gilliam • 9INE POINT
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Pursuing Your Passion at All Costs

In this episode of The 9INE POINT Started With A Dream Podcast, Jacolby Gilliam welcomes Charlotte Harris. Charlotte is the first female American licensed FIVB agent and founder of Athletes Abroad. After playing in college and pro volleyball in Sweden, Charlotte realized her passion for coaching and worked with an agency before founding Athletes Abroad, a company that helps athletes enrich their lives and succeed in their chosen sports. Today, Charlotte shares with us her dreams as a younger athlete, her determination, and how she continues to pursue her passion despite being faced with many odds.

Charlotte starts with how she began playing the sport of volleyball. She shares that her dream as a young athlete was to play in Division One. She also discusses how she had to learn to be a team player and work hard for her dream. Having survived an ACL tear, Charlotte became unstoppable, starting her pro career in Sweden and later working with an agency. She talks about founding her company, Athletes Abroad, and what makes this company different from other agencies. Charlotte reminds young athletes to continuously pursue their dreams at all costs because it’ll be worth it in the end.

Key Points:

  • Charlotte’s goal when she was a younger athlete
  • Becoming a better player
  • Following the dream beyond doubts
  • How Charlotte’s goal became a reality
  • Working hard for what you want
  • A tough time in Charlotte’s career
  • Surviving an ACL tear and overcoming her fear
  • Charlotte discusses starting a coaching career
  • Playing pro in Sweden
  • How Charlotte started her business
  • What makes Athletes Abroad different?
  • Advice to young athletes looking to become agents


“Anytime I was playing volleyball, I wanted to be on the court.”

“My parents sacrificed a lot to even get me there.”

“It's easy to give up on something when you think all of a sudden that you know that you're being wronged and that it's not fair what's happening to you, instead of looking at it as ‘what can I do better?’ ‘How can I work harder?’ How can I contribute to my team in other ways?’”

“I love the sport, I also love interacting with people and giving back to athletes and I love helping people believe in themselves and get to that next goal of theirs.”

“It's about getting a little bit better each day and challenging yourself within your own frame and within where you're at.”

“Keep going after what you love and working hard and good things will happen.”

“I want to be there to support the players every step of the way, and have a player-first mentality and prioritizing them and their needs kind of above everything else.”

“I want them to have this community within athletes abroad and have these strong, powerful professional athletes that are supporting each other and helping each other because that's so important when you are thousands of miles away from family and friends.”

“If you are pursuing what you love, then it'll be worth it in the end.”

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