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The Freedom Found in Letting Go the Right Way with Jamie Seeker - Ep. 87
Episode 877th August 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this vibrant episode, Jamie Seeker, Owner and Principal Consultant of Seeker Solution, LLC, shares how she and her team of consultants have used their talents to improve

the operations of different business organizations covering multiple industries.

You will discover:

- You don’t have to (read can't) do it all yourself

- Why un-delegating can't be an option

- How to bring out the best in your team

Jamie Seeker is the owner of Seeker Solution, LLC; a business consulting firm that delivers strategic planning, financial management, training and development, human resources, marketing strategy, and operations management solutions. She and her team of consultants have used their talents to improve business operations at non-profits and charities, large franchises, retail, industrial, civic, and locally owned private businesses covering multiple industries. She loves her community and has a passion for outreach. She has the ability to work with many different diverse groups in order to accomplish a common goal.

Want to learn more about Jamie Seeker's work at Seeker Soultion, LLC? Check out her website at