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The Wacky World of Diabetes - David Kliff EPISODE 10, 2nd June 2021
Dexcom CEO on the Current Dynamics of Digital Diabetes with Kevin Sayer
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Dexcom CEO on the Current Dynamics of Digital Diabetes with Kevin Sayer

Technological advancements in healthcare have gone a long way, especially for glucose monitoring. In this episode, I talk to Kevin Sayer, the CEO of Dexcom, a glucose monitoring technology company. Kevin shares his thoughts on the current dynamics of digital diabetes and the sensory industry. He also talks about what he considers in choosing partnerships for his company and his thoughts on the future of glucose sensors. 

I’m thrilled to have Kevin on the show. Join us and listen in! 

[00:01 - 05:50] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Kevin to the show
  • Joining Dexcom
  • Becoming CEO of the company
  • Kevin’s vision when he assumed the position

[05:51 - 24:06]  Current Dynamics of the Sensor Industry

  • How the sensor business has changed
  • Advancements on different sensor types
  • New features on mobile phones
  • Dealing with various phone brands/types
  • What Kevin thinks about Apple going into the healthcare industry
  • Dexcom’s relationship with other companies
  • What he considers in choosing partnerships
  • Kevin on the future of glucose sensors

[24:07 - 30:24] Talking Market Competition 

  • Kevin’s thoughts on the company’s market competition
  • What keeps him up at night
  • Dexcom’s G7 sensor
  • Jumping from G6 to G7

[30:25 - 34:47] The Future of Digital Diabetes 

  • Digital Diabetes 5 years from now
  • Kevin on his future with Dexcom

[34:48 - 37:24] Closing Segment

  • Kevin’s advice to startups and young executives

Tweetable Quotes:

“Anything that makes the experience easier for people is what will keep me awake at night… It’s gotta have something that people can rely on, and it has to be an experience that trumps what we can create.” - Kevin Sayer on competition 

“What problem are you solving? People look at our business and say ‘Look at Dexcom’s valuation, I’m going to make another sensor’, and if I were gonna go do that, I’m asking myself the question: What am I going to do better than they do? Because you have to do something better.” - Kevin Sayer on his advice to young executives in the industry

Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn. Go check out https://www.dexcom.com/home to learn more about Dexcom’s glucose monitoring technology. 

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