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Decarb Districts with smart integrated energy systems
Episode 128th October 2020 • District Energy Insights • Danfoss Climate Solutions
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Decarbonization is more cost-efficient and easier to achieve in smart integrated energy systems. These systems connect sectors such as electricity, heating, cooling and transport for an optimal use of energy and maximum efficiency. Compared to a ‘conventionally decarbonized’ scenario by 2050, smart energy systems can reduce primary energy use by 13% and save about 70 bn EUR per year. Investing in energy system integration and district energy is also key for a green recovery.

Brian Vad Mathiesen, one of the leading researchers behind the concept of Smart Energy Systems, joins our host Susanne Tull in episode 1. He explains the concept and presents the needed actions to make theory a reality.

In the podcast mini-series Decarb Districts, we explore the role of district energy in the European green transition. Our host Susanne Tull, Senior Manager Public Affairs at Danfoss, is joined by leading specialists and visionaries across the energy sector who share their views and ideas around 5 topics ranging from digitalization to energy planning.

  • Learn more about the potential of district energy and energy efficiency for the decarbonization of EU heating and cooling sector in the report by Aalborg University
  • Are you a district energy professional? Join District Energy Academy by Danfoss for a series of webinars and online events: