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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 75, 22nd July 2021
How to Revive Projects for Your Holistic Business
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How to Revive Projects for Your Holistic Business

Recently I was having a clear-out of my office and I discovered unfinished projects I’d started years ago, got a chunk done, but I hadn’t finished them. I’d literally shelved them and moved on.

The sad thing is, they never achieved their potential and were sitting quietly, gathering dust. I surprised myself at the interesting and helpful ideas in there.

There were usually valid reasons why the projects came to a halt and all too often I’d just got busy or life had got in the way. 

If you have started projects and not finished them, in this episode we look at how to go about reviving them.

Podcast 75 show notes:

  • (03:14) Is the project worth reviving?
  • (04:50) Pick your project and make a plan
  • (07:10) Accountability is the secret sauce
  • (09:26) Book recommendations

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