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How Organizations are Doing Sales Training Wrong with Tom Noser
Episode 11022nd August 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Tom Noser is the President and Founder of Fortune’s Path, a multidisciplinary consultancy in product, marketing, and sales. Tom helped grow one of healthcare’s first SaaS companies from 1 million users to over 4 million while quadrupling revenue and achieving a 10x improvement in the stock price. He founded Fortune’s Path to help SaaS companies grow rich by pursuing virtue.

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 16:32]  Sales are About Generosity, not Selfishness

  • Tom shares how his life’s foundation is based on the principles of the 12-step recovery
  • Sales are bringing joy to others and are a form of generosity instead of selfishness
  • Companies grow rich by pursuing virtue - service is key to success in sales
  • Empathy for customers is key to successful sales, not relying on scripts

[16:31 - 31:06] Defining Success and Virtue in Today’s World

  • The best salespeople make sales for the sake of it - the hunger for learning and experience
  • Money gives us choices but does not shield us from all dangers - define what it means to be rich
  • Stoicism emphasizes allowing for comfort and upholding virtue

[31:05 - 39:22]  The Essence of Parenthood in Child Development

  • The importance of the parents’ presence with their children in developing deeper relationships
  • How empathy in the workplace is lacking, especially in many areas of healthcare
  • Tom shares his upcoming book, which will focus on helping people have fun and get rich

[39:23 - 41:46] Closing Segment

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Key Quotes:

“There is absolutely nothing selfish about the pursuit of excellence.” - Tom Noser

“You're gonna have to balance things in your life and decide what it means for you to be rich. How much is enough? What are the things that enrich your life? Money gives us choices, but it doesn't protect us from bad things happening to us. It just gives us more resources.” - Tom Noser

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