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Episode 8: Locke
25th January 2017 • Ludiphilia • Richard Moss
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We're back! So sorry it took so long. Regular service (new episodes every 4-6 weeks) will now resume.

On the eve of the Industrial Revolution and the morn of the English Civil War, one man reinvented educational thought.

Special thanks to my Patreon backers Anuar Lequerica, James Weiner, and Nick for sticking with me through this prolonged hiatus. I'm dedicated to making this show as good as possible for you guys, and to maintaining a more consistent stream of new content from here on out.

Song Credits:

  • Oneiri and Behind Your Window by Kai Engel
  • Lost Soul by Fleslit
  • Our Mentors' Legacies by Rowan Box
  • Sacred Motion by staRpauSe
  • Scattered Knowledge by Revolution Void
  • And a tiny bit of music by me

I also sampled two seconds of audio from the Sesame Street Pinball Count song

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