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Embracing Wisdom In A Digital Age with Chip Conley
Episode 5575th June 2024 • Scaling Up Business Podcast • Bill Gallagher
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How can entrepreneurs and business owners avoid getting bogged down in the doom and gloom of midlife? How can they reframe this phase of life as an opportunity for wisdom and growth?

In this episode, Bill and his guest explore coping with uncertainty, consciously curating your life, and the need for modern elders to be curious and wise.

Today’s guest is Chip Conley, a hospitality disrupter, bestselling author, and the co-founder of the Modern Elder Academy, a “midlife wisdom school” that helps people get unstuck and cultivate purpose.

Key topics that Bill and Chip explore in this episode:

- Aging and wisdom.

- How both Bill and Chip felt depressed and anxious in their 40s, yet found happiness and fulfillment in their 50s and beyond.

- How the Modern Elder Academy is helping people reframe their midlife crisis and find joy in the second half of life.

- The intersection of curiosity and wisdom.

- Why wisdom is different from being smart or savvy.

- Bringing wacky ideas to leadership team meetings.

- Diffusing criticism and reaching out to critics.

- Learning from stories and events, rather than simply following a suggested approach.

- Bill’s experience selling a hotel chain to Hyatt.

- Chip’s experience as a mentor at Airbnb.

- How people over 50 can stay relevant in the workforce.

- Aging, purpose, and authenticity.

- Living in the present moment and prioritizing relationships when faced with mortality.

- Chip’s near-death experiences.

Thanks to Chip Conley for being on the show!

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Chapters in this episode:

(0:05) Midlife crisis, happiness, and the Modern Elder Academy.

(3:45) Wisdom, aging, and leadership practices.

(8:14) Leadership lessons.

(13:01) Sharing wisdom through storytelling.

(17:30) Entrepreneurship and mentorship.

(22:12) Finding purpose and meaning in life after 50.

(29:00) Curiosity in personal and professional growth.

(33:41) Finding creative expression through improvisation.

(38:19) Sharing thoughts and feelings before it's too late.

(43:08) Aging, regret, and designing life.

(48:19) Coaching and business growth.

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