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When The Student is Ready The Teacher Will Appear
Episode 71st April 2020 • Simple Happiness • Jim Ryan
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You can’t catch a baseball until you can keep your mitt on your hand. You can’t hit a ball until you can hold the bat. You can’t go to third base until you’ve touched second base. There is a certain readiness that is required for us to learn certain things. 

This is especially true of our adult development. Psychologist Carl Jung taught that there are four stages of adulthood: the Athlete, the Warrior, the Statesman and the Spiritual Person. In the first stage, our physical prowess determines our worth; i.e. our athletic ability, our good looks. In the Warrior stage we realize that to make it in the business world we must have more than good looks. Here we realize the need to develop other skills, which will help us succeed. The Statesman is one who has achieved a certain status and decides to give back to his community in some form or another. Finally the Spiritual person realizes that there is more to life than what we can experience through our senses. He cultivates his divine side and in so doing lives a fuller more joyful life. 

We are all on a path to somewhere. Each of us is going and growing at our own speed. As we advance through Jung’s four stages of adulthood, certainly we will receive assistance from various sources along the way. 

I’m sure that as you look over your life there have been people (teachers) who have aided your growth and development. The Buddhist saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear,” comes into play as we become more conscious of that path on which we travel. It could be a person you just met or a seminar you attended or even a book you are reading. Sometimes when you least expect it, you will realize that you have experienced something new; something exciting that has changed you. You experience an instant awakening. Something that confounded you previously now becomes clear. You shake your head and say, “Wow!” 

These incredible turns in consciousness come at just the right moment. It happens because you are now ready to experience it. As you move along your path of life, be aware that everything you experience gets you ready for the next teacher to appear. Each opportunity for growth prepares you to more deeply appreciate what comes next. You not only begin to recognize teachers but seek them out for guidance. Though some unfortunately, never get to this point of understanding, many are happily realizing that they always have support. By grasping the notion of being in the right place at the right time, your journey becomes easier, more direct and extraordinarily rewarding.