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CBD Benefits, Featuring Joseph Sheehey of CURED Nutrition
Episode 6814th March 2023 • Fit Mother Project Podcast • Fit Mother Project
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Episode 68 of the Fit Mother Project Podcast is all about CBD benefits and the future of supplementation, specifically in the category of cannabinoids, mushrooms, and adaptogens.

In this episode, you’ll meet Joseph Sheehey, the founder and CEO of CURED Nutrition, a company that specializes in uniquely-curated, hemp-derived CBD products, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogen herbs.

Joseph has extensive human optimization experience through the design of nutrition, training, and introspective practices. 

An awakening to a lifelong struggle with depression led Joseph to the creation of CURED Nutrition.

Joseph talks about how CBD and cannabis helped him recover, sleep, and calm himself down and how he knew the stigma that surrounded them was wrong. 

So he set off on a journey, and today, CURED Nutrition develops forward-thinking supplements that are changing the narrative and educating people about what we can actually do with natural, holistic supplements to optimize our lives.

This is an incredible conversation that you’ve got to hear!

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Joseph’s story and how CURED Nutrition was founded.
  • The truth about cannabinoids, mushrooms, and adaptogens.
  • How it’s not about “getting high.”
  • How to find the supplementation that is right for you.
  • And so much more!

So, if you want to get the most from your health and fitness efforts, listen to this episode on CBD benefits, take some notes, and check out FM30X

More From Joseph:

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