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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 30, 24th June 2021
Getting Mental with BDSM, Mindfulness & Sex with Health Benefits

Getting Mental with BDSM, Mindfulness & Sex with Health Benefits

S1: E30: Getting Mental with BDSM, Mindfulness & Sex with Health Benefits


Kelly discusses the correlation between BDSM and Mindfulness and the health benefits of both when introduced in the bedroom.

Time Stamps


[00:25-You Need To Tap This]

[05:23-Two-Star Sex?]

[09:32-Bondage Is A Gag-Order for Wandering Thoughts]

[19:17-For The Health of It]

[25:25-Where Do I Sign?]

[27:24- Outro]

Key Takeaways

*Primal Urges - sexy

*Sex is an instinct - let me hear your body talk

*Living in the moment is hard

*Sexual energy is a thing

*Is there really 2-star sex?

*Gossiping with girlfriends goes viral

*Fantasy football means girl party

*What is BDSM (besides a good time)

*Instense focus requires in the moment participation

*Pain & pleasure are a bee's dick apart

*Living primal requires presence of mind

*50 Shades is fun but fantasy

*Spirituality - with good sex you may see the divine

*BDSM has all your mental and physical basis covered

*Trust says I love you

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