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267. How To Get Confident On Camera with Jen Gottlieb
Episode 2673rd January 2023 • the bossbabe podcast • bossbabe
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At a time where everyone has a camera in their pocket, so many of us are nervous to be on the other side of the lens. But to build a personal brand, and oftentimes, to represent a business, you need to be in front of a camera to deliver your message with confidence and clarity.

On this week’s episode, keynote speaker, actress and PR icon, Jen Gottlieb shares her tips and tricks that led her to a successful career on TV + on stages. Plus, we’re unpacking Danielle’s evolution from her first ever Facebook Live flop to speaking alongside powerhouse celebrities at a major event.

If you find yourself constantly scared to take action, doom scrolling + comparing yourself to others who are farther along in their careers, this is exactly the episode you need to get clear on your why, overcome your fears + start showing up as your most confident self.

  • Learn how to build your confidence muscles with the 6 C’s.
  • Jen’s secret to overcoming embarrassment + turning a (seemingly) major failure into a huge win.
  • What you can do right now to follow your bliss and gain momentum towards your dreams.

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