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“Don’t Touch the Art!” with Merrily Orsini
Episode 1515th October 2022 • Artsville • Crewest Studio + Sand Hill Artists Collective
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Art collector and entrepreneur Merrily Orsini moved to Asheville so she could be within walking distance of her four grandchildren. The fact that she and her husband have a glass art collection of over 200 pieces has necessitated some well-thought out house designing and strict enforcement of the “don’t touch the art!” rule (although, she sometimes breaks this rule herself). In today’s episode, Merrily shares the story of the artwork that brought her and her husband together, some of her favorite glass artists, how the glass art industry has changed during this century, and how she hopes to change the world for the better through her Art2025 project. If you’re interested in becoming a glass art collector, Merrily also has some valuable advice for getting started! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Merrily explains what drew her to Asheville.
  • The value that glass art brings to Merrily’s life.
  • What the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass is, and the role that Merrily has played in the organization over many years.
  • How art brought Merrily and her husband together.
  • The size of Merrily and her husband’s art collection.
  • Advice for anyone interested in becoming an art collector.
  • Different types of glass art that exist.
  • Some of Merrily’s favorite glass artists.
  • Where Merrily’s love of glass art began.
  • Merrily’s involvement with the James Renwick Alliance.
  • How the glass art world is changing and the intention behind the Art2025 project.
  • The piece of glass art that Merrily would love to acquire (and why she can’t).

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