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Is Drive to Survive still relevant?
Episode 5830th March 2023 • Automovie Podcast • Straight Six Media
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On this episode Chris asks if Drive to Survive is still a must watch for F1 fans, Marty marvels at Adam LZ's compound and they both form the Jason Cammisa mutual appreciation society.

But first, the trailer for Fast X has dropped, and Marty's not sure if the meme comments are better than the bonkers trailer.

Netflix's new season of Drive to Survive has landed, but is it still interesting for F1 fans? Do they need to grow with the audience?

The BBC have halted filming on the latest series of Top Gear and issued an apology to Freddie Flintoff. We both hope Freddie can make a full recovery quickly and move on with his life, but what does it mean for Top Gear?

Since the last episode Marty has been watching lots of Adam LZ videos and Jason Cammisa crushing it on Hagerty. Chris has particularly enjoyed Red Bull's Aussie Adventure and Misha Charoudin sharing the behind the scenes of how one of his videos is filmed and edited.

In 'What Is Henry Catchpole Up To This Week?' news, he takes his childhood tifosi to drive the Ferrari Purosangue

For his Youtube pick, Chris went for something a little different with Jet Lag The Game's latest series of turning the roads of New Zealand into a board game. The whole channel is worth a watch if you like adventure and games with travel. Marty watched mountain bike racer Matt Jones building jumps in his garden for his Ariel Nomad! He also highlighted the FIA WEC Youtube channel who are posting race replays as well as their highlights packages!

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