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142. How to Build a Business off Social Media With Shanna Skidmore
Episode 14214th November 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Can you build a successful online business WITHOUT social media?

If this thought ever crossed your mind, you’re going to love today’s conversation. My guest today is Shanna Skidmore, a former Fortune 100 financial advisor who turned into a business consultant helping entrepreneurs dig through the data, optimize the metrics and get a firm grasp on the finances (something most of us don't like to do). 

On top of all that, Shanna has also built her incredibly successful business and she's done it off of social media. You read that right, she's built a successful online business off social media. Is that even viable? Is that even an option? Did she sacrifice millions of dollars in doing that? Well, today we're digging into it. We're going to ask her all the questions about how she did it, when she made that transition, what it looks like and how you can do it too. 

Let's dive into it!


[3:20] Social Media Independent Business

[13:35] Detoxification Process 

[24:20]  The Vulnerability of Social Media

[33:28]  The Phased Approach 

[42:14]  You Need the Right Audience 

[47:06]  It is Possible 

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