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Restore: Mekdes Haddis on A Just Mission, Laying Down Power, Embracing Mutuality, White Evangelicals, and Being An Ethiopian-American at Liberty University
Episode 1129th November 2022 • A World of Difference • Lori Adams-Brown
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Mekdes Haddis is a sought after Millennial African Missiologist and thought leader whose voice is challenging the Church to undo its “missions as usual” ethos. Her work is a clarion call to redefine missions from charity giving to disciple making and justice seeking.

In 2020 Mekdes created an online community “Just Missions” with the purpose of helping missionaries, receivers of missionaries and ministry leaders engage with one another on an open platform and discuss the harmful effects of western missions.

The group gives westerners the chance to hear from the receivers of missions without the financial power dynamic that typically robs them from openly discussing the truth. Her hope is that these conversations will lead to a wholesome method of supporting and equipping local churches and their leaders without the focus being on the one who is sent but rather the ones God wants them to reach.  

Mekdes Haddis is the founder and executive coach of Just Missions, an online community that elevates diaspora voices and equips Western allies to become mutual partners for the work of the gospel. Originally from Ethiopia, she moved to the United States in 2003 and earned a BS in communications from Liberty University and a master's degree in organizational leadership from Columbia International University. She is also the project director of the Racial Justice and Reconciliation Collaborative for the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE).

Haddis has worked in several churches, building discipleship and outreach strategies that are holistic in their approach to include people on the margins. She and her family live in South Carolina.

Her book is: A Just Mission: Laying Down Power and Embracing Mutuality.

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