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The Emily Show - Emily D. Baker, Esq. EPISODE 62, 2nd December 2020
Johnny Depp v. The Sun UK Libel Case Ruling
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Johnny Depp v. The Sun UK Libel Case Ruling

In a lengthy ruling in the Johnny Depp v. The Sun UK case a Judge rules against Johnny Depp determining that the Sun’s statement that Johnny Depp was a ‘wife beater’ was substantially true and therefore the Libel case was denied. Depp has been ordered to pay the Attorney Fee’s for The Sun UK, the ruling Judge has denied an application for an appeal, Depp has stated that he will appeal to the next court. Deep maintains that he has not been violent towards Heard, his legal team has argued that she has created a Hoax. The Sun UK presented 14 incidents to prove that their statement was substantially true. There is still a pending Defamation case  Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard pending in Virginia. 


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Depp v. The Sun UK