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G'Day Among the Gum Trees with Kerry Zarb
Episode 210th September 2022 • Stories With a Sunday Roast • Linda Bonney
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Linda and Kerry reminisce about what life was like growing up in the country of Australia. Through their conversation, memories are preserved, similarities are noticed and farming is brought to life.

Tune in as Kerry shares

  • Her small country community she grew up in as a child 
  • Moving to the city for work and staying there for quite a long time
  • Doing chores as a child and how priorities of schooling and working were different than they are now
  • How the qualities of communication and hard working were passed down from her parents

Kerry’s memoirs remind Linda of some of her own upbringing and paint vivid pictures of how things used to be. They hope you can enjoy these memories in your own way and remember some great things that happened in your life growing up. 

This episode has now been transformed into a chapter of its very own inside the book series Stories with a Sunday Roast. It weaves together the memories that were shared during the podcast conversations with my personal experiences.

Unlike the podcast, the carefully crafted stories and mouth-watering descriptions of roasty meals will transport you to another level as you turn the pages. To continue with more stories in book format, visit for all the details about the Stories with a Sunday Roast series today.

Welcome to the Stories with a Sunday Roast community.

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