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Future of the Metaverse and CryptoVoxel
Episode 714th May 2021 • Digital Marketing With Zach Hoffman • Zach Hoffman
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In this episode, Zach discusses what the metaverse and CryptoVoxels are, how they are being used today, and provides some tips on how you can use them for your brand. 

  1. What is the metaverse?
  2. What are the multiple metaverses out there?
  3. What is CryptoVoxels?
  4. Things to do in CryptoVoxels
  5. Things to consider when looking to build in CryptoVoxels 



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Hi, this is Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults. You're probably here because you want to learn more about the metaverse and how you can apply it to your business. So, I'm going to give you my top five ideas and tips that I've developed for my nearly two decades in the business of digital marketing. But at the same time, the metaverse is so new that my two decades really don't apply here. But I will say in my two decades, this is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. And it's going to take the internet by storm. Of course, we can't cover everything you need to know in one episode, but here are some things you definitely are going to want to know about.


Area #1: What is the metaverse and the three-dimensional four-dimensional world that we are starting to enter?

Area #2: What are the multiple metaverses out there and how do they apply?

Area #3: What are cryptovoxels?

Area #4: Things to do in cryptovoxels?

Area #5: Things to consider when looking to build in cryptovoxels?


So, as you may be reading in the media, the metaverse is coming, the metaverse is here and the metaverse is going to be our future. What does this all mean? Well, the metaverse is essentially a third, fourth dimension world that is really taking us into the new frontier of augmented reality and a new dimension to how you can engage with brands, how you can look around and essentially have a 360 engagement with a brand or a company, or even just a fun activity. So, you can see, feel, breathe, add new senses in dimensions, to what you're trying to communicate to a potential prospect or end consumer. A lot of the third dimension has really been built initially for gaming. But now, with some breakthroughs and as well with a rapid rollout of Oculus 2 by Facebook, you're going to start to see the actual augmented reality and virtual reality world of the internet really come to fruition. So, we're encouraging consumers and brands to really be bold and start to really take hold and understand what the metaverse means and what this third dimension in reality could really mean to your business.

Area #2:

Multiple metaverses what are the multiple metaverses there are going to be metaverses spawning out in real time and we're going to continue to see a build-out of the continued metaverse world, but a few of the popular ones out there right now are decentral land cryptovoxels, Minecraft for gaming, and then Roblox for gaming as well. And as I mentioned, there's numerous other metaverses out there, but one of our favorites right now, because of essentially the ability to spawn right in meaning you don't need to create a meta mask or you don't need to create a log in account or an avatar, even you just can essentially go and partake in the universe and not necessarily have to have an identity, which allows you to essentially drop in a new client or a consumer into this verse and have a three-dimensional engagement with your brand is cryptovoxels.

What is cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is one of the first metaverses that was created as essentially a project to unite programmers and developers to really commit to a new land and build it out. This land is all being built out based on transactions, on the currency, Ethereum and the platform for a lot of the commerce taking place right now is But once again, we really prefer this platform because it doesn't create any barriers to entry for somebody to come in and engage with your brand. Now, some cool places to check out, just so you can see the reality of cryptovoxels and how it's evolving. There are some brands in there like SpaceX has a location. Atari has a location. Cool Sculpting has a location. Also, if you go to, you can pull up and check different boxes to see different locations that might have to do is sports, parks, music, art galleries, businesses, and you can essentially navigate the world simply by using your desktop arrows as well as a space bar and few other key commands and you'll be able to just navigate this world. We highly suggest doing it with headphones because you can actually have three dimensional sounds as somebody, myself, that travels a lot. I would say the sensory experience that you can gain in these verses is comparable to the sensory experience that the engineers and artists all created in Las Vegas and they are always pushing science to keep people engaged in the locations and that's why I truly believe that the metaverse and its ability to tick all the senses is really going to spark brands to a whole new way of communicating. Another cool place to check out and just navigate around is the Olympic stadium within the cryptovoxels’ world as well within this podcast, we'll drop a few links of definitely some cool places to check out on your journey.

Things to do in cryptovoxels. As I was referring to earlier, this is really a whole sensory engagement, a sensory engagement that I'd say rivals, going to professional sporting events, going to Las Vegas as I suggested before theme parks, essentially this world is just starting and programmed to engage you on a visual perspective, as well as an auditory perspective and as well, if you use tools like Oculus 2 essentially that overlays touch into this reality. So, there are a lot of cool visuals to check out. There’s rich colors, there's black and white areas. There's artwork, that's three dimensional all of the music and sounds, they essentially tickle the ears from a three to four-dimensional perspective as if you're actually there. So, as you're journeying through these lands, the sounds will change based on things around you. Some of the venues might have music, as well as the areas, as well as they'll be fountains, they'll be tickling you with water noise and you'll hear just all types of things going on around you. We highly suggest you and you explore the world.

Now, when you're exploring the world, you can port to different areas using teleports. There's also a rolling location of where other people might be within the, the metaverse of crypto voxel. So, you can essentially just click a quick link and port over to where people are in other locations, there's a lot of things to do. There's a lot of trending NFT art that you can explore and potentially buy and there's also more and more e-com type shops, e-commerce type shops that are selling NFTs as well. There's abilities to port, to YouTube videos and essentially, you're going to start to see brands and, and other organizations as they start to enter this world, start to take people outside of cryptovoxels and outside of the metaverse using links to port them into an engagement on their website.

Things to consider when looking to build within cryptovoxels. There's going to be a roadmap to entry, essentially everything right now is based off of Ethereum currency, the blockchain currency there that's associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum. You're essentially going to have to buy some Ethereum to be able to enter the world. It's not going to be necessarily a low budget endeavor right now because the Ethereum is on fire and so are all the other currencies and essentially you want to be able to get land right now before it becomes scarcer. The idea of securing great land is that when people drop into this metaverse and they start to navigate the world and walk around that you want your location to be around other cool locations. So, people will have great engagement. As soon as they go into your brand, which you can immediately spawn or teleport them into. And then when they walk out of your location, you want them to be enriched and engaged with specific colors around you and music, and be able to shop and explore the world now as well, you need to apply a timeline to your project. We're seeing builds could potentially take anywhere from six weeks, all the way up to three months. But just as you build a website, we truly believe that your location in the metaverse or cryptovoxels or whichever metaverse you choose is never going to be stagnant. You're always going to be looking to add different sensory, sensory experiences to your brand. You're going to be looking to enhance your location just as you would look to enhance your website. So don't take this as V 1.0, I'm done with the build, take this as I'm putting my stake in the ground. We're going to continue to build out this effort, because this is just the start of the metaverse. This is just the start of giving consumers, literally an approach to my brand that brings them to a third and fourth dimension tickles their senses that touches everything that a website essentially leaves behind. As soon as you enter this metaverse universe, you're going to see that engagement on a website. Although it's very important for brands it's very flat and it's tough to stand out amongst competition. So, we assure you, if you are able to take a consumer into a three- or four-dimensional experience with your brand, that you're going to have an unforgettable experience for that consumer, and essentially comparing you to other brands.

It's not even going to be a comparison because they're going to feel as though they've been to your location. They're going to feel as though they've touched and experienced and heard everything that your brand has to come to the table. The beauty of choosing and getting started in building in the metaverse is you can use your builds as essentially a template to replicate into other environments. We're going to continue to see these metaverses appear and as they continue to appear and grow. Different metaverses are going to attract different demographics, but from a technology digital marketing guy now for 15 plus years, I would say enter the world of cryptovoxels as an entry experience. Because like we said, there's no barriers to entry for people to log in and create an experience there and there'll be able to hop right into your brand and touch it from a new dimension.

Thanks for checking out these five tips and ideas on how to build in the metaverse and really get your brand to this whole new dimension, this whole new reality, but great success in digital marketing doesn't happen overnight. Great success online does not happen overnight. We continue to encourage our clients and prospects out there and just anybody will, can you engage in digital marketing build today, build tomorrow and build into the future?

This is Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults. I really appreciate your time. If you want to reach out to me or have any questions direct, you can always reach me That's

Thank you again for your time and have a great day.