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This Type of Profit is KEY to Your Business's Success
Episode 583rd March 2023 • The Profitable Tradie Podcast • Tony Fraser-Jones
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Your ‘on the job profit’ is something that’s more important than almost anything else in your business.

But many business owners just wing it on their pricing.

And they do very little to check on the profitability of the jobs once they’ve finished them.

This leads to serious problems…

People running their business like this end up with cash flow issues and not enough money to pay bills and wages.

If you’re not making any profit you’ll struggle to provide a great service to your clients in the long run because you’ll be in the penny-pinching mindset.

This stops you investing money back into your systems and team.

Plus you’ll be overworked, tired and eventually broken because you try to do everything yourself to keep costs down.

That’s why in today’s podcast Phil and I are going to give you some real practical skills to ensure you’re making enough ‘on the job profit’, on every job.

Let’s get into it…



  • You’ll generate good cash flow and have money for bills, wages and profit for yourself
  • You can continually invest money back into the business to improve your systems and hire the best people
  • You can grow a team that will allow you to create a great lifestyle
  • You feel in control of your destiny because you have a clear picture of what is happening in terms of your job profits giving you confidence to make decisions and changes based on the right information rather than guess work


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