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Trailer29th March 2021 • The Empathy for Breakfast Show • Mimi Nicklin
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In 2019, when I got my publishing deal for my first book, Softening the Edge, there was no real awareness, and certainly no conversation, about empathy. Not in the media or leadership, and certainly not across the business world. But then things changed. The pandemic changed our lives forever and with it our understanding of, and connection to, our shared humanity and our mutual understanding.

For the first time in many years, I had time at home, alone, to consider how we might start to fast track the conversation surrounding the value and power of empathy. I wanted to create something beyond my book alone. So, I started a breakfast show, Empathy for Breakfast, where I went live for 20 minutes on Tuesday mornings to share stories, insight and awareness surrounding empathy in our world. The results were bamboozling with nearly 80,000 people from around the world joining me to learn about humanity’s most powerful, yet natural, superpower.

The Empathy for Breakfast Show is the evolution of those mornings live from a pandemic. Today the show will feature guests from all over the world. Thought leaders, specialists, professionals and parents, these are people who share a passion for our human understanding, our connectivity and our empathy. I believe that we are all far more alike than we are different and this show aims to bring this to life.

I am Mimi Nicklin and I would love you to join me every Tuesday to understand how we can really connect with and understand each other, reverse our loneliness endemic and overcome the empathy gap plaguing our world and our workplaces. In empathy for the busy lives we all lead, each episode will be for 20 minutes.

The more talk about empathy, the more empathy we will have. Welcome to the show.


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