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Our Man Bashir (DS9 S4 E10)
2nd July 2024 • The Joy of Trek • Kay, Khaki and Greg
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Our Man Bashir (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S4 E10) was recommended by he/him Crimson like the color, who said: This one is probably pretty well liked already it's just a blast so why not love on it too? Bashir's 60s Action Spy Holonovel is interrupted by a transporter emergency and all the major characters are replaced by runabout crew. We get the utter delight of the crew getting to ham it up in absurd Bond-style roles, all the while Garak snarks on the whole mess as a 'real spy.' The Garak-Bashir interactions are great, Colm Meany gets to play a gangster, which he does well, and Avery Brooks gets to monologue, plus the 60s spy camp is perfect. Plus we get a bit of a "B" plot that lets Odo, Quark, Rom, and even Eddington solve problems in the dark, which is neat. AND holodeck malfunctions are a classic of Star Trek!

Our Man Bashir first aired on November 27, 1995, written by story by Robert Gillan, teleplay by Ronald D. Moore, and directed by Winrich Kolbe

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