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Centers Talking Ball with Nick Hardwick & Eric Wood
Episode 1430th December 2020 • Life Beyond the Game • Joe Hawley
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In this special episode we have Nick Hardwick and Eric Wood returning to the show! Joe, Nick, and Eric dive deep into stories and lessons they learned playing at the center position in the NFL.

Nick Hardwick spent 11 years playing at the center position for the San Diego Chargers. During his NFL career, he learned the value of work ethic and dedication and has successfully applied those values to achieve a quality and purposeful life after the game.

Nick is first and foremost a devoted husband to his wife Jayme and father to his two rowdy boys and Tijuana rescue dog. He is now a health and fitness enthusiast, passionate about sharing his health journey in order to positively touch as many lives as possible. He is committed to ongoing learning and passing on his knowledge to the world.

Eric Wood is a former NFL athlete, playing 9 years with the Buffalo Bills.

Eric is now a broadcaster for ESPN/ACC Networks and the Buffalo Bills Radio Network. He is also a keynote speaker for special events and hosts his own podcast, What's Next with Eric Wood.

One of the many ways Eric is bettering the world and his community is through The Eric Wood Fund. He created The Eric Wood Fund specifically to provide support, resources, care, and encouragement to children with chronic illnesses and their families.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • Which era of the NFL was the most physical and most violent
  • Stories and mistakes from the NFL and from NFL coaches 
  • Offensive strategies and the many roles that the center position plays 
  • The importance of work ethic and how many players are looked past in the draft
  • Creating space after leaving sports to figure out who you are and what you’re after
  • The lessons we can teach our kids as former professional athletes 
  • Dealing with injuries outside of the league and as we get older
  • The value of recovery and what we wish we knew when we played
  • The nonsensical practices of the NFL 

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