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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 10, 21st May 2021
Biohacker Thaddeus Owen
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Biohacker Thaddeus Owen

Christa Rymal of The Point interviews Thaddeus Owen- BS Chemical Engineering, MS Holistic Nutrition, Biohacker. A lifelong learner of the latest science and ancient practices, hear what Thaddeus has found, through self-experimentation, works best for upgrading our own health. A captivating speaker and educator that warrants listening to, Thaddeus teaches from his expansive pool of knowledge with information that is easy to take home. Not only did we find opportunities to relate to his personal journey to health, but everything we'd learned is directly applicable to the health struggles we most all have- and the barriers we most all face in the modern age. 

Many health and wellness leaders are attracted to biohacking, primal living, or natural living but are unsure where to begin. Thaddeus is a great leader in the space and this podcast is a good entry point to the subject- as Owen takes this opportunity to educate by using anecdotes, research, and a cutting edge perspective to preventative wellness. Hearing outside-the-box ideas from Thaddeus feels far less outside-the-box once you better understand his background, personality, and affinity for knowledge. By the end of the podcast we're optimistic you will have found more than one rebellious way to live well, and the resources and to do it confidently:

- Personal Journey to Health: Challenges with Anxiety, Morals, Career, etc.

- Biohacking

- Sleep

- Supplements

- Living Well Within A Modern Era

- Bridging Body, Mind & Soul

- Spirituality

+ Resources to Apply at Home

Especially relevant to current events, Thaddeus also shares with the audience his thoughts on what we can learn from the recent pandemic. Yes, supplements and behavioral changes are mentioned, but we were impressed with the novel idea that a perspective change is our greatest opportunity for long term health. Owen's opinion? How you see the big picture can help or hurt - altering how you care for yourself physically and feel emotionally. Listen in to understand the stance Thaddeus suggests we take as we move into the next year.

Thaddeus Owen concludes our podcast with a fireround which brought up a new topic of holistic health gaining momentum in the industry- spirituality. Evaluating purpose, life, and greater meaning is a growing practice in preventative medicine and lifestyle health. 

"I want to share these secrets with you. I want you to build optimal health. Most statistics show what it takes to be 'average'. We don’t want to be average, we want to be as healthy as humanly possible while we’re on this plane of reality. This is what I’m here to teach you. Information from ancient sages, spiritual masters, health experts, and the latest science thrown in with a bit of the occult (meaning hidden)". – Thaddeus Owen


Access blogs, products, and ongoing education in biohacking and other outside-the box-health opportunities: 


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