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Episode 38: How AI is Revolutionizing Content Creation with Deirdre Tshien and Katie Brinkley
Episode 384th June 2024 • Acquire • Jennie Wright
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Curious about how AI is transforming content creation?

In this episode of Acquire, I sit down with two fantastic guests, Deirdre Tshien and Katie Brinkley, to discuss the impact of AI tools in the digital world. We cover the real influence of AI on content creation and the essential role of human input.

Get ready for an engaging conversation packed with practical tips, personal experiences, and actionable strategies!

On This Week’s Episode, We Discuss:

  1. Our Experience at the AI for Content Entrepreneurs Event: Deirdre and Katie share insights from the event hosted by Joe Polizzi, revealing the latest trends and challenges in AI for content creation.
  2. Human Input in AI Content Creation: We explore why guiding AI with human input is crucial for maintaining quality and authenticity in your content.
  3. Using Capsho for Podcasts: Katie discusses how she uses Capsho for her podcast and clients, highlighting the importance of preserving your unique tone and style.
  4. Training CAPTCHA Next Gen: Deirdre talks about the time and effort required to train AI tools like CAPTCHA Next Gen for custom tone of voice and soft skills.
  5. The Pitfalls of Over-Reliance on AI: Real-world examples of businesses that faced challenges due to improper AI training and over-dependence on technology.
  6. AI as a Complementary Tool: We agree that AI should be used in conjunction with human input, showcasing how AI tools can enhance, not replace, content creation efforts.
  7. Social Media Impact and Strategy: Katie shares her four-post strategy for Instagram and LinkedIn, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful approach to social media.
  8. Finding and Engaging the Right Audience: Deirdre and Katie discuss the importance of engaging with the ideal audience and building effective digital strategies.
  9. Marketing Strategies and Podcast Performance: Insights into how intentional content creation and targeted social media marketing can boost your podcast downloads and overall performance.
  10. The Power of "The Social Shift": Katie’s book and speaking opportunities, offering a deep dive into her social media strategies and podcast intensives.

Join us as we explore the world of AI, content creation, and social media strategies with our exceptional guests, Deirdre Tshien and Katie Brinkley. Stay tuned for valuable insights and actionable strategies that can elevate your content creation and social media presence!




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