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How to win an Edinburgh fringe award on a budget
Episode 2091st October 2023 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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Making people laugh is the greatest feeling in the world, the challenges you have to overcome are not. Join comedian and promoter Marvin McCarthy as he interviews larger-than-life characters that will help comedians live life on their terms and find their niche.

Todays guest is the magnificent, Dave Bibby, he is a versatile, award-winning comic talent. As an actor he has appeared in comedies for Channel 4, Netflix and Comedy Central. This year he managed to win the Amused moose comedy award on a very limited budget and resources. Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[02:521]] Why the London circuit is shit

[[06:101]] How gigging in different parts of the UK helped his Edinburgh show

[[08:011]] Is Edinburgh cliquey

[[14:061]] Being very specific with your show to avoid disappointing people

[[35:161]] How he created an award winning show through deadlines

[[41:301]] How he created a great show with limited resources

[[51:251]] Winning the Amused moose comedy award

[[55:261]] Every dickhead having an opinion

[[58:131]] Hearing bad advice

[[59:441]] A good indicator of a good comedian

[[65:541]] What he has learnt from the worst and best comedy performances he has seen. in Edinburgh

If you would like to know more about Dave Bibby, you can reach him on his website at

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