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Develop 12 New Referral Sources in Just 90 Days
Episode 522nd May 2018 • Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation • Richard James
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The best prospects are referrals! I’ll bet we can both agree with that statement, right?

So, why is it that many attorneys I meet don’t have a standard system for building a Referral Development Program? The fact is, referred prospects are 2 –3 times more likely to set an appointment, show to the appointment they set, retain your firm during the initial consultation, pay their invoice in full and refer additional family and friends.

But for many law firms, building referrals is often boiled down to a function of “doing good legal work.” Many attorneys believe “If I build it, they will come." That’s great in the movies, but not very good for the real, practical, building of a law firm that ultimately sets the owner on a path towards Freedom!

There’s a better way, and I’ll prove it . . . but only to listeners of "Entrepreneurial Attorney Nation!"

In today's episode, we're going to teach you to create 12 New Referral Sources In 90 Days or Less Guaranteed! Without BNI, Chamber or Rotary Meetings. My System Is So powerful it works for brand new law firms of any size or location.

Here's what we'll discuss in the episode:

  • THE truth about building a Referral Development System generates new referral sources like clockwork
  • Step by step guide: 10 Steps to 12 New Referral Sources in 90 Days
  • A single secret so powerful new Referral Sources will be begging you to tell them more about you and your firm

WARNING: After you implement my simple 10 step system, you’ll likely have more new Referral Partners than you can manage! So sit back, relax and get your notepads ready!