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Mark Landry and Sydney Larese: Research on Digital Marketing in the Consumer Space
Episode 613th May 2019 • Deal Talk with 7MA • 7 Mile Advisors
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In this episode of Deal Talk with 7MA host Ariail Siggins discusses research produced by 7 Mile Advisors examining trends in the digital marketing space of our consumer practice. Ariail is joined by the head of 7 Mile’s consumer practice, Mark Landry and associate Sydney Larese, both of whom contributed to the research.

Sydney discusses the effects of digital marketing on consumer's desires and expectations (4:18), how consumers are coming out as the big winners in modern day digital marketing (9:32), and the impact of digital marketing on the M&A activity of companies. (11:15)

Sydney then switches gears to talk about how digital marketing is affecting the work of traditional marketing agencies. (13:13) Sydney finally talks about how consumer companies can no longer afford to neglect digital marketing and how the millennial generation thinks about digital marketing. (15:15)

If you are interested in trends in the digital marketing space through the lens of consumer companies and how these trends affect the M&A space, this conversation is for you. You can view the research discussed in this podcast by reading Sydney’s white paper entitled Consumer Marketing Landscape. If you have any questions for Sydney or Mark or just want to dive a little bit deeper, Sydney can be reached at and Mark can be reached at


Sydney on how the Amazon Effect is changing consumers desire to acquire more information before making a purchase:

“I think a big value add that consumers are looking for are they want to know as much product information as possible before they actually end up purchasing it.” (05:27)

Mark on how he sees digital marketing affecting the M&A activity of larger consumer products companies:

“Consumer products businesses are starting to buy up these digital start-ups to hopefully just learn from them and understand how they're getting proximity with the consumer in this whole digital ecosystem.” (15:13)

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