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Protecting Our Kids - Millstone Collective Team (Part 1), Ep #17
Episode 1720th May 2024 • Dads On Tap • Scott Mawdesley
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How do we protect our kids in a world that feels increasingly unsafe? As dads, what are practical things we can do to help them in sticky situations? Kristilee Cavoretto and Alicia Chandler are the co-founders of Millstone Collective, a training company. One of their specialties is child abuse prevention education. 

In this conversation, we take a deep look at ways we can protect your kids. We’ll dive into everything from when and how to start educating our kids to normalizing anatomical terms, behaviors to watch out for, and how to create a safe space for our kids. This is a can’t-miss episode.

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • What Alicia and Kristlee learned from their dads [1:01]
  • How to stay connected with your daughters [3:50] 
  • Kristilee and Alicia’s background in law enforcement [5:48] 
  • When and how to start educating your kids [14:15] 
  • Why we need to normalize anatomical terms [20:29] 
  • Watch out for a behavioral deviation [25:28] 
  • How to help your kids out of sticky situations [32:46] 
  • Creating a safe space for your children [35:53] 
  • Common things that parents often miss [39:02] 
  • What we’ll cover on our next episode [45:20]

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