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Jolly Green Scientists - Erfan Vafaie EPISODE 8, 15th September 2020
Ep. 8. Watering potted poinsettias
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Ep. 8. Watering potted poinsettias

Potted plants are arguably overwatered in the greenhouse and nursery industry. Over-watering can be considered a waste of water, results in leaching of pesticides and fertilizers, and can promote plant pathogens. In this episode, we discuss a study that uses various sensors to assess plant stress to determine how much watering can be reduced before the plant is 'too stressed'.

For the full article:

Nackley, L. L., E. Fernandes de Sousa, B. J. L. Pitton, J. Sisneroz, and L. R. Oki. 2020. Developing a Water-stress Index for Potted Poinsettia Production. HortScience. 55: 1295–1302.