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My Best Advice for You
Episode 10317th May 2022 • Business School with Sharran Srivatsaa • Sharran Srivatsaa
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When someone says they have the best advice for you, you pay attention, right? You want to know what that is. So many people give this sage advice, “If I can do it, you can do it too.” Be cautious when you hear this because this is not entirely true. I’m not saying you can’t do it. But it’s not as simple as what people say. 

There are sequences of events that built the momentum and created the perfect storm for people like Elon Musk, Ophrah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, and many other ultra-famous and successful people. Since no two people have the same set of circumstances, you can’t be like Elon Musk even if you wanted to. But there’s one thing that can help you stack the odds in your favor and win in your own way. It’s all about having a solid support system. So who’s in your corner? 

In today’s episode, you get a snapshot of Sharran’s support system. Get to know the people in Sharran’s corner and how they set him up to win. If you want to build your support system, this episode is for you. 

“Whoever it may be, whatever the cost is, hiring a person to be your advisor allows you to have a symbol of seriousness and allows you to have someone in your corner.”

- Sharran Srivatsaa


00:00 Get ready to hear Sharran’s best advice 

02:18 This “sage advice” is not true. Here’s why…

06:13 Who’s in your corner? Your support system is the most significant factor in your success.

07:53 Are you eager to see what Sharran’s support system looks like? 

09:03 Here’s an interesting story that triggered a significant shift for Sharran and his son

12:15 Sharran’s Roster of Coaches (you can’t have just one mentor for everything)

17:22 Sharran’s Advisory Board 

25:22 Sharran’s Virtual Mentors

27:44 Building a digital shrine and doing a deep dive on someone you admire

30:22 What is a Power Day? (100X your ROI in just ONE POWER DAY!)

33:10 A guide to finding and getting a good mentor - Episode 1: How to Find a Mentor

34:31 A quick recap of today's episode

35:15 If there’s just one thing you can take away from this episode, here’s one piece of advice


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