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440 - Having Faith to Take God at His Word
Episode 4408th December 2019 • Leaving Laodicea • Steve McCranie
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We Either Believe God’s Word, or We Don’t

One of the attributes of becoming a Faith Prepper is learning how to trust God as His Word. I know many of us will say that we do. When pressed, almost all believers will state the mantra, “I believe everything God says, start to finish, from Genesis to Revelation.” After all, that’s the expected answer. To say anything less would make us seem like a lukewarm believer.

But the truth is, most believers, maybe ever you, don’t truly take God’s Word as the final authority in your life. How can I say that? Because God’s Word speaks to just about every issue we face today yet the church seems to be divided up into various opinions that differ greatly from one another. If God’s Word doesn’t change and is always true, how can that be? If God’s Word says something is wrong, for example, how can any believer who claims God’s Word as the final authority in their life, have a different opinion than what the Word says? It seems inconsistent, doesn’t it? Hypocritical.

As the adage goes, the Scriptures are true about everything it teaches. And it teaches about everything.

To test whether God’s Word molds your opinions or whether your opinions are determined independent of God’s Word, I have listed a number of controversial issues below. What is your opinion on these? And whatever your opinion is, does it line up with the Word of God? If it doesn’t, who is wrong, and what are you prepared to do about it?

Do My Opinions Matter?

Let’s see how you would answer the following:

•  Abortion – Does a woman have the right to end the life of her unborn child under any circumstances?

•  Homosexuality – Is it a sin? Or did God create people both heterosexual and homosexual?

•  Sex – Is premarital sex always a sin? Always?

•  Divorce – Is it proper to divorce a spouse?

•   Education – Whose responsibility is it to educate our children? Or, is it proper to send our children to government (public) schools?

•  Tolerance – Is it true that Jesus never judged any one and neither should we as His followers?

•  Children – How many children should a family have? Is birth control or family planning ever in God’s will?

•  Church – Should women be pastors? Should women have leadership roles that involve men?

•  Friends – Should a believer have friends that are non-believers? How close should they be?

•  Home – Should a man be a stay at home dad? Or should a woman go to work outside the home and put the kids in daycare or public school?

•  Spiritual Leadership – Whose responsibility is the spiritual leadership in a family? Father? Mother? Church? Someone else?

•  Environment – How concerned should a Christian be about the environment? And what should they do about it?

•  Politics – Should a believer ever vote for a Democrat? Should a believer ever vote for a Republican? Should a believer vote at all?

•  Dating and Marriage – Should a believer ever marry an unbeliever? Should they date an unbeliever?

•  Dating vs Courtship – Should a believer date at all?

•  Islam – How is a believer to view the god of Islam?

•  Drinking – Should a believer drink alcohol?

•  Entertainment – Should a believer watch or listen to media that includes profanity, nudity, or sex? Should a believer watch or listen to media that promotes anything contrary to sound Biblical teaching?

•  Money – How much money should a believer accumulate? And how much of their income should they give away?

How many of your opinions were just that, opinions? How many of your views or convictions were based on Scripture? And those that weren’t based on Scripture, does that bother you at all? Are you willing to change? Right now? Today? No matter the costs?

To find out more about becoming a Faith Prepper, keep listening.

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